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Our partnership with the Department of Agriculture’s Division of Food, Wellness & Nutrition Program, gives us the opportunity to serve all K12 students a healthy breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. We share their mission to 

"ensure that every child in Florida has access to a healthy, nutritious meal each day; increase awareness and consumption of Florida's agricultural commodities; reduce food insecurity among Florida's most vulnerable populations; and encourage healthy lifestyles among Florida residents."

We also believe that school lunch is critical to student health and well-being, especially for low-income students—and ensures that students have nutrition they need throughout the day to learn. Research shows that receiving free or reduced-price school lunches reduces food insecurity, obesity rates, and poor health. In addition, the new school meal nutrition standards are having a positive impact on student food selection and consumption, especially for fruits and vegetables.

Hungry Children

Can’t Wait!

Healthy Smiles!
Healthy Minds!
Healthy Kids!

Therefore, to promote healthier choices, we subscribe to: 

What Are the School Meal Programs?

Many schools provide students with access to meals through federal school meal programs, including the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. These programs are administered by the US Department of Agriculture and state agencies by reimbursing schools for providing healthy meals to students. 


Who Can Participate in School Meal Programs?

All students can participate in our school meal program. This year, we have eliminated the administrative burden on staff and families in completing school meal applications, so we can focus on offering free meals to all students so that they can be fueled and ready to learn. 

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