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At Word of Faith Christian Academy, we uphold a strict and dignified dress code to foster an environment of respect, discipline, and unity. Our uniform policy aims to instill a sense of pride and identity among our students.  By adhering to our uniform guidelines, students are encouraged to exemplify the values of our institution, both within and beyond the school's walls.

For Male Students,

This includes neatly pressed khaki pants, a collared white shirt, and a navy blue tie bearing the school emblem.

Shirts | Long or Short White Oxford Dress Shirt Button Down

Pants | Navy, Blue, or Khaki

Shoes |  Sperry or Dress Shoes - Black or Brown 

Socks | Navy Blue 

Cardigans/Sweaters - Navy Blue 

*Ties | They will be available for purchase at the school. All other uniform items may be bought at general retail stores.  

For Female Students,

This includes wearing a modest, knee-length navy blue skirt or khaki pants, a white blouse, and the same school emblem-adorned tie.

Shirts | Peter Pan White Button-Down

Skirts |  Navy Blue Pleated

Socks | Navy Blue 

Stockings | Navy Blue

Shoes | Sperry - Black or Brown

Cardigans/Sweaters -Navy Blue 

All uniform items may be bought at general retail stores.  


Students will be permitted on Fridays to wear a polo shirt and jeans. The following are not acceptable:

No hooded sweaters. 

No ripped or faded jeans. 


The following are not permissible, and WFCA has the right to request students to go back home to change:

  • No LONG Eyelashes. 

  • No LONG Nails. 

  • No UNAPPROVED NAIL COLORS. (*Please refer to the Student Handbook that discloses acceptable colors.)

  • No beads in hair.  

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